How to Prevent Head Gasket Failure

Here is a shot of EGR coolers that we saw failed in just a months time on 6.0L Powerstroke diesels…. These coolers failed as a DIRECT result of Engine Oil Cooler restriction

Keep in mind that ONLY doing an EGR cooler delete or replacement IS NOT a guarantee that you will not have head gasket failure. If you replace your Engine Oil Cooler today and do an EGR delete or replacement at the same time, three years down the road that factory style EOC WILL be restricted again and with it being restricted EVEN WITH no EGR cooler, that restriction WILL take out head gaskets. We have seen head gasket failure on trucks that had already been studded with ARP studs due to the EOC restricting again later down the road and interrupting the normal flow of coolant in the system.

The ONLY way to ensure you will not have all these “issues” that gave the 6.0L such a bad reputation is to get that OE style oil/water EOC out of there in favor of a Bulletproof Diesel oil/air EOC kit.



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