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2001-2004 CORVETTE OWNERS….EBCM FAULT CODE C1214 System Relay Contact Coil or Coil Circuit Open

You won’t hear this from MOST repair shops, but then again…WE are not the typical shop!

Back in the day, it was typical to replace the EBCM to cure a C1214 fault code. If you are not familiar with the ABS EBCM, it is a has a LIST price of $925 from most GM dealers (list prices are what shops MUST charge to meet overhead). The BAD NEWS is that most likely when the EBCM is replaced it will only need replacement again, often within a years time!

There IS a better and CHEAPER solution to this problem!!!!!!

What we are doing at this time is recommending you to either purchase a unit, or send in your unit for repair to www.absfixer.com. The EBCM you will receive from absfixer will no longer have the infamous relay problem you have been experiencing with the GM units. As a matter of fact if I remember correctly, the units are warranted for as long as you own the car.

Our labor charges to replace the EBCM are $157.80 plus tax. We will also perform a resistance check on your BPMV (pump motor) to make sure it is within spec. If the BPMV motor is shorted to ground it will only result in damage to the new EBCM. The good news is that BPMV failure is VERY RARE. Should the EBCM and the BPMV both need replacement  the cost will be the same.

Here are some shots of the EBCM/BPMV assembly. The EBCM is the section that the wire harness connector plugs into. The BPMV is the section that contains the motor.

Here are a few of the EBCM separated from the BPMV. 

This is a shot of the BPMV. Those twelve posts sticking up are the pieces that insert into the coils of the EBCM. When the ABS is active, the EBCM will energize the coils creating a magnetic field. This magnetic field pulls an actuator in the posts sticking up on the BPMV…this is how the valves are opened and closed. 
THESE are the valves that will stick on Vettes that are seldom driven. THESE types of faults can USUALLY be corrected by clearing the codes and driving the car and hammering the brakes to activae ABS….this will often free the stuck valves. In some cases where the code keeps reoccurring after repeated clearing and ABS activation, the BPMV will need replacement. 

Here are the twelve coils in the EBCM that the posts insert into, when these coils energize, that is how the valves are opened and closed in the BPMV.

Here are a few shots of the EBCM disassembled.

To check the BPMV motor, you check resistance between the pump motor case and each of these three pins.

The resistance SHOULD read O.L. like this…O.L. meaning over limit….which means a resistance of infinity….in other words NO CONNECTION whatsoever.

The resistance of this unit on one of the pins was 24.9 MEGA OHMS….This is a VERY high resistance of little significance, but the prudent thing to do would be to replace the BPMV. If this resistance gets LOWER than this, say in the K-OHM range or in the OHM range, EBCM damage will result.

This meter reading is .07 OHMS….this would be a dead short.

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