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We are equipped to do factory programming/re-flashing on Ford and General Motors vehicles!

Specialties include: Electrical Systems -- Computer Diagnostics -- Brakes -- "Tune Up"-- Internal Engine Repair -- Clutches -- Differential -- Cooling System -- Air Conditioning/Heating Systems -- Routine Maintenance -- CV & U Joints

Service/Check Engine Light Specialists! Cadillac Northstar Specialists! Corvette Specialists! Ford PowerStroke Diesel Specialists!


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Maintenance is key to any automobile longevity and reliability! Most owners could use a little help with determining maintenance frequency.
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Contrary to popular belief the check engine light (also called service engine, or maintenance required light) is not the same as the oil pressure, or level light, nor the same as the engine temperature light. It is indicating an electronic fault in one of the engine, transmission, or other computer controlled systems. It is also NOT just an indication of a pollution control issue, although it CAN be indicating a failure in a pollution control system, it ALSO can be triggered by LITERALLY hundreds of OTHER reasons. 

ACCURATE diagnosis of the service engine light requires complex testing. The scan result you may have acquired at one of the parts vendors does NOT tell you what is wrong, it is a SIMPLE description of the fault. We must enter that fault into our diagnostic service information, and it may print out 5 pages of step by step tests we must perform to find the REAL source of the problem. The code scanner is simply a tool, no different than a screwdriver or wrench, it is NOT a magic diagnostic machine. 
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We specialize in routine service, diagnosis and repair of Ford Powerstroke Diesel trucks. We have the capability to do computer “reflashes” that come out periodically to correct or prevent various issues, or to improve overall reliability. We can do ALL of the engine improvements to the 6.0 engines, such as oil cooler replacement, oil cooler upgrades, EGR cooler replacement, upgrades, or total by-pass, cylinder head gaskets, ARP head studs, programming, High Pressure Oil Pump replacement or upgrades, etc. If it is a Powerstroke Diesel, we can handle it! There is tons of misinformation out there when it comes to the repair, and ESPECIALLY when it comes to the MAINTENANCE of these engines….WE CAN HELP. We can fix them, AND most importantly we can give you tips on how to keep it OUT of the shops!

If you own a PowerStroke still under warranty, call us ASAP to discuss how we can prevent failures NOW, before warranty runs out and it comes out of YOUR wallet costing you anywhere from a couple thousand dollar repair, all the way up to a blown engine!!!!

If you own an 05-07 PowerStroke, whether it is still under warranty or not, call us ASAP to find out how we can save you anywhere from a couple thousand dollars repair all the way up to a blown engine…..in ONLY one hour!!!

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Attention to detail is what sets us apart from MOST. Attention to detail will save you more money than ANY shortcut, shadetree mechanic, or attempt at do-it-yourself!
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We most certainly DO work on hot rods. We own them…we like them…and we know them!
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