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Attention to DETAIL is what sets us apart!!! 
In the following shots this truck came in for a coolant leak, while we were working on it James noticed a few things. Evidently some other shop had changed the intake manifold gasket….

This is a shot of a bracket that was not put back on and just laying under the hood….

Here is the bracket…

The red arrow shows where it is SUPPOSED to be..

These arrows show the crankcase breather from the valve cover left off and under the air inlet duct…

It goes here…THIS negligence was causing unfiltered dirt and grit to be drawn into the engine oil by the PCV valve…

This wiring harness retainer was left off…

It goes here….

The air duct hose clamp was left loose…and is on backwards…this cut out….



SHOULD be lined up here….

NOT ALL shops do sloppy work like this folks! 

If you’ve heard that we sometimes take longer than other places, THIS IS WHY…..It takes MUCH MORE EFFORT and TIME to do the job RIGHT….MANY times we have to spend EXTRA TIME straightening out some other shop’s screw up’s just so WE don’t get the blame for it!

The shop that did this is not a hole in the wall either!
DO NOT judge a shop by their size, cleanliness and location alone!  This  above sloppy work was done at a large, nice, clean, well known shop!




2002 Cavalier Heatercore swap gone bad!

The above are shots of James changing a heater core on a 2002 Chevy Cavalier…This job cost the customer about $200 more than it should have…The first shop she took it to evidently tried to change the heater core but couldn’t figure out how and broke the housing the core is in…This other shop finally gave up and told the customer they did not have the “special tool” needed to do the job! There is no “special tool” for this job, that was just a cop out they used because they had absolutely NO CLUE as to what they were doing….but not until they had already torn the lady’s car up.

These last 3 pictures above show just how incompetent they were, these are shots of the plastic housing that the heater core is in. They evidently tried to remove the core without removing the instrument panel (dash board). The instrument panel did not have to be removed to do the heater core on older models, but must be removed on the newer models like this 2002.

The customer, armed with all these broken parts went back to the other shop to try to get them to pay for the parts that they damaged, but they simply denied breaking them and said they noticed they were already broken! The customer knows this is a lie because the car has never been worked on before, and also if they noticed they were broken why did they not call her to let her know they were broken AS SOON as the job was started like WE did?

Word to the wise: The shop that did this is no hole in the wall dump….It is a nice, spacious and clean place that is busy and in a good location, but as is a typical scenario these days, the owner of the place has done only MINOR work on cars and the manager has NEVER worked on cars to my knowledge….YOU CANNOT JUDGE A SHOP’S COMPETENCY BY THE LOOKS OF THE PLACE….IF YOU TRY TO DO THAT THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL GET MUCH OF THE TIME!