Welcome to SilverFox MotorSports, the high performance division of Mid-City Auto Service in Lake Charles, La. We do GM LS-X, Vortec, and Duramax Diesel tuning and also Ford Powerstroke Diesel tuning and are an SCT Tuning DEALER. Give us a call for all your SCT needs.

Mid City Auto has returned to our roots.

We are no longer doing custom, one-off, or high performance modifications. We are currently doing only routine maintenance and repair of routine daily driven vehicles.

Small Block Chevy Build Up

Here are a series of shots of another 355 cubic inch Chevy build.

Block has been rough cleaned by us…then cleaned again by the machine shop, then bored then we clean it AGAIN when we get it back. Here trial assembly beginning…   Second picture, all pistons in to check deck height

This deck bridge is used to find TDC then check deck height. Piston rock has to be factored in….The reason for this is to determine whether the block will be decked or a custom piston will be used to get the quench distance where we want it for the specific build or if simply using a specific head gasket thickness will get it where we want to be. 

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Ford Bronco Engine Build Up

Here we are doing an engine build on a clean Ford Bronco. This will be converted to fuel injection as well….

This truck is in excellent condition…                         The interior…

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ZR-1 Corvette Engine Build

Here is a ZR-1 corvette that we are doing some engine mods to. The bore will be increased to 4.125 and crank will be offset ground to achieve a stroke of 3.75 for a new displacement of 402 cubic inches. The heads, injector housings and plenum will be sent out for porting, the secondary throttle blades will be removed, and new intake and exhaust cams will be used. Larger injectors will be used as well.

For those not familiar with the ZR-1 Corvette, the LT-5 engine was a QUAD Overhead Cam, 4 Valve Per Cylinder aluminum head, aluminum block/steel liner engine that was DESIGNED by Lotus and BUILT by Mercury Marine. At the time of it’s inception there were no automobile factories in the United States CAPABLE of building such an engine so General Motors enlisted Mercury Marine for the engine! The engines were then transported to the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Just a few “before” shots of the engine.

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Ford 5.0 Build

A few shots of a 5.0 build for a Mustang……

Short block together. Probe SRS pistons, Eagle crank and H-beam rods.  Getting ready to degree the cam. Custom grind hydraulic roller from Comp was used….

Changing the valve springs to the springs spec’d out for the cam and setting installed heights.


2001-2004 CORVETTE OWNERS….EBCM FAULT CODE C1214 System Relay Contact Coil or Coil Circuit Open

You won’t hear this from MOST repair shops, but then again…WE are not the typical shop!

Back in the day, it was typical to replace the EBCM to cure a C1214 fault code. If you are not familiar with the ABS EBCM, it is a has a LIST price of $925 from most GM dealers (list prices are what shops MUST charge to meet overhead). The BAD NEWS is that most likely when the EBCM is replaced it will only need replacement again, often within a years time!

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2005 Lotus Elise Oil Pan Change

Here are a few shots of a Moroso oil pan install on an 05 Lotus Elise…..

Stock oil pan

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Corvette Clutch Slave Cylinder

No biggy here, just a leaking clutch slave cylinder on a Vette….First the rear suspension is removed. The engine MUST be supported properly on these cars or you WILL break the firewall!!!!!

                                                                                                     Just a shot of the ABS motor and diff with the crossmember removed….

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97 Mustang Cobra

Here’s a few shots of head gasket/valve job on a 97 Mustang Cobra….

Engine dropped out the bottom…

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2005 SRT-10 Engine Build

Here is another V-10 engine build, this time out of an 05 SRT-10 Truck. This is going to be a basic rebuild, however the heads have been sent off for porting. Here’s a few shots.

Customer opted to keep the camshaft stock even though ported heads are going on, but as luck would have it the cam is bad….beginning to shed metal and the lifter rollers pitted as well, so an aftermarket cam has been ordered.

2005 Dodge Viper Engine Rebuild

This 2005 Dodge Viper sports a  Novi 2000 Supercharger….eventually the stock bottom end gave up. This build will consist of forged pistons, connecting rods and ARP studs at a minimum, and possibly may include a custom grind camshaft and ported heads if customer budget will allow.

Drivers side sill panels removed to access the exhaust for disconnect…..

Passenger side before sill panel removal…

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2006 Saleen Bolt On Project

06 Saleen Mustang…just a few bolt ons. Pulley, long tube headers, 6speed, fuel pump upgrade, SCT tune…..

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4th Generation Camaro LT Build

LT-4 we built for this Camaro last year…Probe forged pistons, custom roller shaft, MSD Opti-Spark 255LPH fuel pump…

This is the motor we put in the 97 Camaro above. The LT-1 was ditched in favor of the LT-4 we built. Probe SRS pistons, ported LT-4 heads, 4 bolt LT-4 block, custom grind Comp cam and springs, 36 pound injectors, LT-4 intake, Holley throttle body, ATI balancer. Rotating assembly was balanced.

Nostalgia Front Engine Dragster!

We love what we do at Silverfox Motorsports.  Every once in a while we get to do something really neat.  Here’s a few pictures of a low budget 350 Chevy for a front engine nostalgia dragster. This sports a stock block and GM steel crank and some unported AFR heads with a little compression and a custom cam grind….

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Sick Ford Lightning

Here are a few shots of a Ford Lightning truck we did….It now has forged pistons and rods, ported heads and we installed twin 255lph pumps in the tank. A DynoJet air fuel ratio meter was installed as well as a fuel pressure gauge.

Well THERE’S your problem!!!!!!  I’m thinking there’s a better way to oil a K&N air filter….it weighed about 10 pounds!!!!

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Distributor for a 41 FlatheadFord?

Here is one you won’t see us working on every day……A 41 Ford Flathead V8. This one came in with distributor problems and between the customer and I, we decided that the prudent thing to do was to just install and aftermarket electronic distributor and be done with the points forever. Sure brought back memories for a LOT of my customers!

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Death of a Neon Engine

Here we have a Dodge Neon that the guy bought a $4800 crate motor for. He then installed a 5-6 psi Turbo kit. As you can see there was something WAAAAY wrong here. There is no way that 5-6 psi boost should have killed a JE forged piston. 

This thing either had way too much timing or not nearly enough fuel supply…Here is a close up of the piston…

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Ford 347 Stroker

Here is a Ford 347 Stroker going together. This one is going to be a low buck street cruiser, so there was no need to go for the high end stuff…..HOWEVER just as in the above engine, the rotating assembly was balanced and ALL specs were painstakingly checked, double and triple checked! First before any final machining or cleaning is done the block has to be clearanced for the longer stroke. Here it is easy to see that the rod bolts will not clear the oil pump boss nor the bottom of the cylinder.

Here I have clearanced this cylinder…this is repeated for every rod…It is time consuming and requires patience…BUT if not done correctly…….WELL you can imagine!!!!

Matching Colors for a Chevy Short Bed

Here is a little combo we put together for this super clean Chevy Short Bed. This is pretty much a little above stock deal. The guy had a motor built for it somewhere, (I didn’t ask) and the Edelbrock Performer carb he had was waay to rich and it killed the rings and the bore causing this thing to start using oil and smoking in just a few thousand miles….this motor was like a year old. 

We prettied it up for him too….The block was painted a dark metallic blue and the tins were powder coated a light blue…Not a very good looking package you think, but there was a method to the madness! The intake was powder coated as well. We upped the compression to 10:1, set it up with a real tight quench and installed a mild hydraulic cam.

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Bronco EFI 460 Transplant

This dude pulled out the carbureted 302 from this Bronco and dropped in a 460 equipped with the Ford factory fuel injection. It is here for us to get it running…..None of the wiring harness companies offer a computer harness for a 460 Ford with EFI so we had to modify…..Well BASICALLY build a harness for it!

This is just one pile of wire we removed from the original harness of the vehicle the 460 came from……

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Here Comes the Judge!

This is a 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge. This customer had an engine built in New Jersey and had nothing but problems with it from day one. He enlisted us to get this thing straight once and for all. We found NUMEROUS problems. Some with the engine being assembled incorrectly (to be nice about it), some with the engine installation (again this is an understatement), and some with the poor selection of, and mismatching of parts, but mostly a TOTAL lack of attention to detail. Here are some shots of the car before we began.

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Need more Fuel?

For all you folks with the Ford Lightning and Harley trucks that are a few psi over stock boost levels I recommend swapping out the stock fuel pumps…..Ford got the idea for these twin pumps from drag racers just like us…..I’ve had twin pumps in my Mustang for years now……Mine ain’t as pretty as this but it has been working just fine!

This is a picture of the twin 255LPH pumps. We’ve done a few of these. If you are quite a bit over stock, we can install a fitting in the bottom of the tank like we did in the GTO and plumb an Aeromotive in line pump for you……

Feeding the Fuels Needs of a Procharger

This is a fuel pump modular assembly from a 2003 GMC Denali. The customer installed a Procharger supercharger and has been having fuel delivery problems….He brought us this module to install for him….

He tried to install twin 255lph pumps in an attempt to duplicate what hotrodders have done for a few years now with the 5.0 Mustang and the LS1 Camaro. Ford is doing this now on the Supercharged pickups.

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Fixing a Supercharged Cobra

This is a supercharged 1998 Cobra we work on…..

This car came to us the first time with a complaint of “the rubber exhaust hose keeps blowing out since the long tube headers were put on.” Now knowing there is no such thing as an “exhaust hose” I told the guy I would have to look at that in order to give him a recommendation. When I looked at it all I could say is “well no wonder it keeps on blowing out, it ain’t supposed to BE THERE!!! 

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New Life for an abused LS-1

Below is a series of shots of an LS-1 rebuild. The oil was not changed often enough in this car leading to oil pressure issues….

That’s James standing by the car above as it comes up, and also behind the engine. That’s me sitting on the stool under the car shifting gears and pretending to drive the engine…

There is a shot of the bare engine block to give you an idea of how cruddy this thing was.

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Tony’s 1990 Mustang

The following are a few shots of my 1990 Ford Mustang that I’m working on in the evenings and weekends. First the engine was removed and torn down, then I removed everything from the firewall and fenders to prepare for painting….stay tuned as things progress.

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Clutch and Headers for a LS-1 Camaro

Just a clutch upgrade and long tube header install on an LS-1 Camaro. We did a ring & pinion change also.

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James Builds a Dragster!

James Augustine, who works here, sold his 23 T Altered and is building a dragster. Here are some shots of the rear housing.

Here is the housing again but after powder coating….

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4.6 Mod Motor Build

These are some old shots from a 4.6 I rebuilt for a guy in a Mustang SEVERAL YEARS back. At that time only very few professional engine builders fooled with the modular motors No one in this area had successfully built one that lived. As a matter of fact I used a very prominent machine shop in Texas for the machine work and this was the FIRST modular motor even THEY had dealt with!

This thing had a centrifugal supercharger thrown on it  by some internet/magazine expert. (this is a person that reads high perf magazine articles and spends countless hours on the net and thinks this makes them an expert tech!! They usually think they know it ALL even though they have never had a project that ran right….there is always some pop or miss or hiccup that they ALWAYS have some BS excuse as to why it ain’t their fault!) This supercharger was installed without much consideration for anything else, and with a really bad computer tune it had managed to kill itself. There was a melted piston, a detonation damaged piston, and some burned valves as well.  

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Customers ride – Very Nice Mach 1

This is a sweet little ride of one of our customers. This Mach is daily driven as you can see from the rain! Is this piece immaculate or what?

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F-Body Ring and Pinion Swap

Here are a few pictures of setting up a ring & pinion in a bolt in replacement Dana 44 rear on an F-body Camaro

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My Random Pictures!

Me at a Skills USA competition when I taught Automotive Technology

Vinny from OCC at Skills USA

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