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Fixing a Supercharged Cobra

This is a supercharged 1998 Cobra we work on…..

This car came to us the first time with a complaint of “the rubber exhaust hose keeps blowing out since the long tube headers were put on.” Now knowing there is no such thing as an “exhaust hose” I told the guy I would have to look at that in order to give him a recommendation. When I looked at it all I could say is “well no wonder it keeps on blowing out, it ain’t supposed to BE THERE!!! 

As it turned out, some yo-yo’s had installed headers for him and had screwed up the air injection pipe to the left header….

We have never looked at the long tube headers for the 98 and the 99 Cobra side-by-side, BUT they ARE different part numbers…EVIDENTLY what happened is some yo-yo’s installed the wrong headers….By doing so the nipple for the air injection pipe was in the wrong location and the pipe could not be hooked up…..

At this point they had three choices:
1. Remove the headers and install the CORRECT ones….
2. Rectify the situation in a PROFESSIONAL manner……
3. Do some kinda rigging just to get the car out of the shop….
Well they chose number THREE! They cut the pipe and spliced it back together with rubber hose!!!!! THIS WILL NOT AND CANNOT WORK….So this guys nice Cobra sounds like a piece of crap!

Now I know what you are thinking….It must have been some individual that did this in his driveway, or some shop that has little experience in these matters……NOPE this was done at a specialty performance shop in Houston, TX…..

Here is the nipple that is in the wrong place…. Here we have cut the nipple off, leaving enough material to cap off the old location…

Here is the nipple…Unfortunately the nipple needs to go where the BBK logo tag is welded on…

Here we have removed the tag…Here we have welded a plug in the old location and welded on the nipple in the RIGHT location…

Here is a shot of the nipple in the new location… Here we have welded the BBK logo tag back on in a different spot and sprayed on a little aluminum paint…

Now folks this repair may not be pretty, BUT it is one hell of a lot better END RESULT than the crap that the so called “specialists” charged the guy good money for!

Folks, for your sake do not make the mistake of judging the capabilities of a facility by how big the place is or by whether it is cluttered or messy or not…Just because a facility has a really nice building with all the latest high dollar equipment, it does NOT mean that they are going to be the most ethical or the most qualified….It may simply mean they owe the bank the most money!!! 

EFFORT and DEDICATION to do a good job beats the other stuff every time….and the ethics part means that if they are not equipped to do something they will TELL YOU SO like we do!

This Cobra is a prime example of this…..The guy took his car to a big name shop to have this work done thinking it would insure the best possible job….then he had to bring it to us, a small time local shop and pay all over again to have it done right.

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