Welcome to SilverFox MotorSports, the high performance division of Mid-City Auto Service in Lake Charles, La. We do GM LS-X, Vortec, and Duramax Diesel tuning and also Ford Powerstroke Diesel tuning and are an SCT Tuning DEALER. Give us a call for all your SCT needs.

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My name is Tony Naquin and I own and operate Mid-City Auto Service. Mid-City Auto is a general auto repair facility that does all kinds of typical routine automotive services and repair. As far as I know, and from what I’ve been told by customers, we are the only repair shop in Lake Charles that does any work on hot rods or high performance vehicles. 

I have 26 years industry experience and have owned and operated Mid-City Auto for 17 years. Due to our interests in drag racing and high performance vehicles, we have always done a considerable amount more work on hot rods and high performance vehicles than what the typical auto repair facility is capable of. It seems that we have, and continue to gain quite a good reputation when it comes to the quality of our high performance work and the word is rapidly spreading.

The amount of and the depth of our high performance work continues to expand daily. Whereas 10 years ago we may have done the occasional header install or camshaft swap 4 or 5 times a year, we now usually have AT LEAST one high performance project going on at all times, often times 2 or 3. Due to this we have outgrown the space dedicated to performance on the main company website so this is how SilverFox Motorsports was born. You may be wondering how the name came about … Simple, I own a silver fox body Ford Mustang, hence SilverFox Motorsports. 

First off allow me to say this:

There are no HEROS here! We have never claimed to know EVERYTHING and never will! 
Nothing could be farther from the truth! We HAVE however had many folks come to us that had been to several different shops, many of them shops that specialize in high performance work. These guys had problems that for whatever reason or another were not resolved to their satisfaction and we were able to satisfy them completely. 

What separates us from many is NOT what we know or the equipment we have, but simply our dedication to do our very best for you, not to simply do what it takes to get you out the door. 
We do not have the space for the latest and greatest high tech equipment. We are simply a shop that enjoys this type of work and we have always been ethical and brutally honest with guys when we see them following bad advice given to them by some internet forum or magazine article junky. 
If you have a particular project and we do not have the equipment to do it, we will tell you so, NOT act like something we are not! For example we do a lot of rear end work…installing gears and such, we do a TON of them and do them RIGHT…We do not however narrow them as we do not have the jigs required to get them perfectly straight, and we do not have the space to keep such equipment. 

We do minor mig welding only, such as sub-frame connectors etc, but we do not install roll cages and other major welding projects as we do not have a large enough building for the equipment needed to perfectly level the chassis to do it the RIGHT way, nor do we have ANY interest in doing the body work necessary for many of these installs.