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Matching Colors for a Chevy Short Bed

Here is a little combo we put together for this super clean Chevy Short Bed. This is pretty much a little above stock deal. The guy had a motor built for it somewhere, (I didn’t ask) and the Edelbrock Performer carb he had was waay to rich and it killed the rings and the bore causing this thing to start using oil and smoking in just a few thousand miles….this motor was like a year old. 

We prettied it up for him too….The block was painted a dark metallic blue and the tins were powder coated a light blue…Not a very good looking package you think, but there was a method to the madness! The intake was powder coated as well. We upped the compression to 10:1, set it up with a real tight quench and installed a mild hydraulic cam.

The intent was to match the colors of the truck.  This actually worked out and looked really good as it turned out!

Once the engine was running we installed a bung for the wide-band and re-calibrated the carb, now the guy has what will be a lasting and good looking engine combo that runs and looks a lot better than what he had before.

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