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Nostalgia Front Engine Dragster!

We love what we do at Silverfox Motorsports.  Every once in a while we get to do something really neat.  Here’s a few pictures of a low budget 350 Chevy for a front engine nostalgia dragster. This sports a stock block and GM steel crank and some unported AFR heads with a little compression and a custom cam grind….

With just a few passes, hitting the wheelie bar too hard and taking a hard right it went an 8.43 in the quarter……This was turning it 7200 RPM…..on the dyno it was turned only 7,000 RPM. It was gaining 10 HP every 200 RPM…..peak power should be at 7600……with a little weight on the front and little tweaking it should run consistent 8.30’s

Update. With Hilborn stack injectors on alcohol 7.97 at 169MPH

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