Another Horror Story!

This truck is a no-start that was towed in from another shop….no high pressure oil…sure enough the HPOP supply screen was disintegrated and the screen and debris had gone through the pump…the oil reservoir was pretty sludgy, indicating either the wrong oil was being used, or not being changed frequently enough….or BOTH….

I don’t know how much THIS contributed to the HPOP failure, but it didn’t HELP for sure! Someone at some point broke the top of the oil filter housing standpipe….and left it that way. On the 6.0L engine something as simple as an oil change can have devastating results….whether it be the wrong oil, or the wrong filter, or not being changed often enough….or a combination of all, if you do not know these engines INSIDE AND OUT, you can unknowingly cost yourself a lot of money….either by doing something like this, OR by choosing the wrong service facility……there’s a lot of Johnny-come-latelys to the Powerstroke repair scene that just began working on these trying to cash in….and we’ve been hearing HORROR STORIES.

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